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"Simply" Increasing Prosperity

A client of mine recently gave me a "triumph call"-- he'd achieved a goal he'd been working on for a long time: financial independence. "You were right all this time," he said. "I did increase prosperity through simplifying my life!" In just two years he went from an overworked, overstressed, overweight, overspent marketing director to a debt-free, relaxed, physically fit writer (with freedom to work as much or as little as he cares to!). He changed where he worked, where he lived, what he thought, and how he spent his money and time, gradually shifting the course of his life onto the path he'd always dreamed.

This story is not a miracle. Each of us is able to live our dreams--and the Universe wants us to live our dreams. However, the pressures of our culture obscure the path to living our ideal lives. Many of us work and spend more than we would if we weren't immersed in a society that worships MORE.

The antidote to this is to simplify. Enhance the activities and expenses that are of top value to you (a "9" or "10" on a 1-10 scale) and start diminishing those that are less than that. It may involve saying "no" to good things--but the payoff is saying "yes" to what you value more! That is prosperity.

A simple life may look different from the packaged "prosperity" that our culture holds out as the norm. The client mentioned above sold his house and bought a small place with the cash he received on equity. Instantly, he was mortgage-free. Our society says you are supposed to increase your living space at all costs. For this man, who plans to travel in the south all winter, and isn't highly focused on home-making, a small place is actually better. And the fact that it's paid for frees him up to work less, play more, and experiment with ideas he's been longing to do. That's more prosperity than when he had a huge home and mortgage, and was under pressure to make a large income to keep up with his expenses.

Another client increased her prosperity by simplifying what she did with her time. "Everything I do is for someone else!" she discovered. She was spending the bulk of her energy satisfying other people's expectations and agendas. When she simplified down to just the things that mattered most to her, she reduced her stress level, improved her health, and discovered a dormant creative talent. In an unexpected by-product, her marriage improved. In her words she became "much easier to live with!"

Prosperity comes when you set your sights firmly on your ideal life. Simplifying expenses, activities, and mindset creates the freedom you need to make changes. You "make room" for true prosperity to come into your life.

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