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Life Coaching
What is coaching?

A powerful relationship that supports you in creating the life you desire by providing motivation,challenge, obstacle-busting, compassion, acknowledgement and more.   These are the kinds of questions a coach asks, tailored to you and your situation:

What do you want?
Where are you dissatisfied?
What's your life purpose?
What's in the way?
Where's the next step?

To access your immense creativity, I guide a 3-step process:

  1. Make Room (simplify your life to create time and space for creative work)
  2. The Daily Nudge (a daily creativity habit)
  3. The Creative Project

Contact me for a free consultation to learn more!

"Nancy challenged me while still holding a safe space. I am now doing the work I love, and I never dared to before!"

How do I know if I could use a coach?

  • Do you like deep personal adventure? 
  • Do you keep dreaming of something and never doing it?
  • Do you get derailed in your efforts?
  • Are you ready to commit to getting what you want?
  • Do you want to get clear on what you want?
  • Would you like support and accountibility to help you to stay on track?

How is coaching done?

  • By phone, as this allows the coaching to fit easily into your life. 
  • We begin with a 2-hour "Discovery" session.  This may include clarifying values, visioning what you want, setting goals, defining the objectives of the coaching, and defining our coaching relationship.
  • Three 30-minute calls per month.  We'll create homework and action steps that will powerfully move you toward what you want, work with the "gremlins" that show up, and deepen the learning you are having about life.
  • Most the power of coaching is what happens between the coaching calls.  That's when you take the actions you decided on, and go about creating this life you desire.

What do people coach about?
Coaching can be used in any area that you want to create greater satisfaction. Because all parts of our lives are connected to all the other parts, clients bring their whole lives to our coaching. Common areas include career, relationships, money, health, home, fun and recreation, and personal/spiritual growth.

How long should I receive coaching?
Coaching is a commitment to yourself and your life.  You commit to a minimum of three months of coaching, since lasting change takes time to take root!  Most of my clients coach for 9-12 months.

What's the investment?
You invest attention, effort, intention, time and money to create the life you want.   The Discovery session (2 hour initial meeting by phone or in person) is $500. The coaching fee thereafter is $500 a month for 3 calls and in-between email support. I have several spots in my practice for alternative fee arrangements--call and inquire.

It is helpful to ask yourself "What's it worth to me to have the life I want?"

How do I start (or find out more)?
Call 651-462-7353 or email to set up a free consultation!

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